We work in a close relation with our partners, exchanging needs and experiences, in order to get innovative and creative materials, trimmings and manufacturing solutions.
New materials for common end-uses, new end-uses for common materials and new materials for new end-uses.

Sourcing Capacity

We do not act as an isolated company, we privilege networking, capitalising each partner’s expertise area, complementing by this way each others’ work.

We work with the best knit suppliers in Portugal and can source any type of knit and trimmings.

At PT-Textiles we like to be proactive. To do so, we look deep into the market, make research for new trends, and source materials, trimmings and accessories. We like to see ourselves as part in the creative process.

Our focus is the final product, our vision is the final result.

PT-Textiles ensures the coordination and control of every stages of the process, supported on its inside resources or appealing to its Partners.

Development and manufactoring

We ensure technical support all over the process, from pattern making, choice of materials and technics, sourcing and garment construction.

Protos and samples manufacturing is a crucial point in the process and we recognizee its importance. This is the time to rethink the product, and find the best overall solutions. Nothing is meaningless at this stage.

Our first aim is quality in all the details. Having this in mind, we look forward to present to our clients the best possible price, without compromising the final result.